lucta – 食用香精, 日用香精, 饲料添加剂-捕鱼游戏

evaluating feed discrimination in seabream sparus aurata using a dual-choice self-feeding system

分类: feed additives

日期:october 2019

作者: s. morais, a.r. angotzi, j.m. cerdá-reverter, j.f. rosel remírez and s. puchol

出版物:aquaculture europe 19


feed intake is a critical variable in aquaculture that limits growth and survival of reared animals. the inclusion of new raw materials in fish diets to meet cost-efficient production and sustainability goals may compromise the organoleptic quality of diets and, by extension, fish growth (yaghoubi et al., 2016). therefore, it seems reasonable to evaluate the fish’s discriminatory capacity towards feed in order to discern the organoleptic preferences of aquacultured species. the goal of this study was to develop an experimental model to test feed discrimination in the gilthead seabream (sparus aurata), an important species for mediterranean seawater aquaculture.

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