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the use of an enhanced milky flavor but not of standard flavors in feed improves growth of pigs at weaning compared to a non-flavored control feed

分类: feed additives

日期:june 2006

作者: roura, e., levrouw, l., solà-oriol, d., and torrallardona, d.

出版物:journal of animal science, 84 (e-suppl.1): 46


the effect of adding an enhanced milky flavor to a post-weaning feeding program combined with a standard milky flavor in drinking water on piglet performance was investigated. ninety-six newly weaned 26 d-old pigs (landrace x pietrain), in 24 pens of 4 animals each, were used. the animals were offered free access to 4 diets consisting of a basal diet (t-1) and the same diet with three different flavor preparations: red fruit (t-2), standard milky (t-3) and milky flavor enhanced with an orosensorial supplement (t-4). the composition of the basal diet changed from a pre-starter to a starter formula at d 13 of trial. additionally, the animals from each experimental treatment had free access to different water supplies that in the case of treatments t-3 and t-4 contained a milky flavour for the first 13 d of trial. during the pre-starter phase, the animals on t-4 grew faster (p<0.05) than those on t-1 and t-2 (145 vs. 104 and 97 g/d, respectively) although not significantly different from t-3 (108 g/d). despite not being significantly different (p>0.05), the animals on t-4 maintained the highest adg during the starter phase and throughout the whole experimental period. thus, at the end of the trial (28 d), piglets on t-4 achieved an adg of 300 g/d, which was 10.7%, 17.6% and 12.3% higher than t-1, t-2 and t-3, respectively. it is concluded that the addition of a milky flavour in the drinking water after weaning together with a milky enhanced flavour in the pre-starter and starter feeds improves performance of weanling pigs. the enhancement of a standard milky flavor with an orosensorial supplement was highly effective particularly during the pre-starter phase.