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dose response trials of an enhanced milky flavor in a pig nursery program 2: benefits of flavoring water up to 14 d.

分类: feed additives

日期:june 2007

作者: roura, e., ipharraguerre, i.r. and torrallardona, d.

出版物:journal of animal science, 85 (e-suppl. 1): 78-79


two trials were conducted in newly weaned 26-d-old pigs to study the effect of the addition of an enhanced milky flavor to feed and water. in trial 1 and 2 respectively, 192 and 132 piglets (landrace x pietrain) were distributed in four or three blocks of 12 pens according to initial body weight. pigs were offered free access to 1 of 6 diets differing only in the flavor dose (trial 1: 0, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 ppm and trial 2: 0, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 ppm). in addition, half of the pens were offered flavored water (3000 ppm) during the first 28 (trial 1) or 14 (trial 2) days postweaning. in trial 1, adding flavor to water numerically increased adg by 6% in the pre-starter phase (0-14 d postweaning). however, during the starter phase (14-28 days postweaning) an interaction for adg (p < 0.1) and adfi (p < 0.08) between the addition of flavor to water and feed was observed. in this phase offering flavored water to animals that consumed non-flavored feed increased adg by 18% and adfi by 20% compared with pigs offered non-flavored water and feed (negative control). however, offering flavored water to animals that consumed flavored feed did not improve further these parameters. a similar interaction (p < 0.09) was observed for adfi for the overall trial (0-28 days postweaning). in trial 2, water treatment did not result in significant effects or interactions. nevertheless, among the water flavored groups, adg was numerically higher for dietary low doses 0, 1000 and 2000 and lower for dietary high doses 3000, 4000 and 5000 when compared to the non-flavored water groups. it is concluded that addition of an enhanced milky flavor to feed and/or water improves piglet growth in the pre-starter phase. furthermore, benefits from flavoring feed and water for 14 d postweaning appear to be additive at doses not higher than 2000 ppm in feed.