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effect of flavoring a starter in a same manner as a milk replacer on intake and performance of calves

分类: feed additives

日期:june 2011

作者: montoro, c., ipharraguerre, i.r. and bach, a.

出版物:animal feed science and technology 164 (2011) 130–134


the effects of including the same flavor additive in a milk replacer (mr) and a starter to facilitate a sensorial association between the flavor of starter and that of the mr were explored in an attempt to encouraging calves to increase solid feed consumption around weaning. twenty-two male holstein calves (initial body weight = 51.2 ± 0.82 kg; age = 22 ± 1.6 d) participated in this study. all calves consumed the same starter during the first 34 d of study and were weaned at 42 d of study (65 d of age). the study finished 14 d after weaning. all calves received the same flavored mr and during the 7 d preceding weaning until the end of the study, half of the calves were fed a pelleted starter with the same flavor as that of the mr around weaning, whereas the remaining calves were offered the same starter without flavor. starter and mr consumptions were registered daily, and bw recorded weekly. overall, starter intake was not affected by flavor addition. however, calves with the lowest solid feed consumption before weaning (days 28–34 of study), numerically (p=0.11) consumed more starter following weaning when the starter was flavored compared with calves receiving plain starter. these calves also tended (p=0.06) to have a greater average daily gain during the 14 d following weaning compared with calves within the same low level of solid feed consumption but that consumed the unflavored starter. flavoring calf starters in the same manner as mr might improve solid feed consumption and performance of calves with a low appetence for solid feed before weaning