lucta – 食用香精, 日用香精, 饲料添加剂-捕鱼游戏

effect of supplement truffle flavor and umami to diet on feed intake, lactation performance and backfat thickness of lactating sows

分类: feed additives

日期:june 2016

作者: zhang, y., li f.f., zhang x., and he m.l

出版物:the 17th asian-australasian association of animal production societies animal science congress, 2016. po-03-50


palatability enhancers have been used as feed additives to increase feed intake through improving diet preference for pigs in needs such as weanling piglets and lactating sows. this study was designed to test effect of supplementations of luctarom truffle flavor and umami alone or both together on feed intake, lactation performance and backfat thickness change of lactating sows. total 80 large white sows with similar body condition and due date were pre-arranged randomly to 4 group (n=20). since farrowing day the sows had been provided with one of following diets for 21d: control, a standard diet for lactating sows; three treatment diets based on the control diet supplemented with 0.5g/kg luctarom truffle, 1g/kg umami or 0.5g/kg truffle plus1g/kg umami. amount of average daily feed intake and those items related to performance and body conditions including lactation performance, backfat thickness, farrowing interval and weaning-to-estrus interval were measured and compared. growth performance and health condition of their nursing piglets were also measured. during the experimental period the nursing piglets were only on sows’ milk feeding. from the study it was found that supplementation of luctarom truffle, umami alone or both together increased (p<0.05) feed intake. the combination group had the most (p<0.05) improving effect among the groups. supplementation of truffle and umami together also resulted in the least (p<0.05) reduction of backfat thickness among the groups. the truffle alone resulted in a similar effect (p<0.05) on backfat compared to the control. the supplementations did not affect (p>0.05) lactation yield, farrowing interval and weaning-to-estrus interval as well as weight gain, diarrhea incident rate and mortality rate of nursing piglets. in conclusion, supplementations of luctarom truffle and umami alone or both together are beneficial through improving lactating sows’ feed intake or body condition. supplementation of both palatability enhancers together has the best improving effects.