lucta – 食用香精, 日用香精, 饲料添加剂-捕鱼游戏

comparison on effects of two palatability enhancers on growth performance, intestinal villi and relative taste receptor gene expression of piglets

分类: feed additives

日期:june 2016

作者: t. huang, c. xia, j. zuo, z. wang and m. l. he

出版物:1st international conference on tropical animal science and production (tasp 2016)- july 26-29,thailand, 129-130


this study was to compare effects of two different palatability enhancers in creep diets on growth performance, intestinal villi and umami receptor gene expression of piglets. crossbred sows and nursing pigs were pre-arranged randomly to two groups. they were provided with creep diets supplemented either luctarom with milk flavor or luctarom gold containing milk cheese flavor, sweetener and umami from d7 (n=6; 12 piglets/litter). after weaned on d21 the piglets within the same treatment group were re-grouped and fed the diets until d35 (n=4; 12 piglets/pen). then, they were fed starter diets until d60. from the study it was found that supplement luctarom gold increased feed intake in the first week post-weaning and resulted in more concentrated final body weight distribution compared to the traditional flavor group. luctarom gold also resulted in larger (p=0.04) expression of umami receptor gene (t1r3) in ileum. there were no difference on blood parameters and ratio of height/depth of intestine villi although a difference (p<0.01) on height of jejunum villi was found between the groups. in conclusion, as a functional palatability enhancer luctarom gold is more beneficial than traditional flavors. when supplemented to creep diet it increased feed intake and umami related taste receptor gene expression.