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committed to developing more sustainable practices in the flavor and fragrance industries, lucta is pleased to join the ifra (international fragrance association) and iofi (international organization of the flavor industry) sustainability charter.

the charter complements corporate sustainability programmes by helping the flavor and fragrance industries, as a whole, to make progress towards sustainability through the exchange of best practices and the benchmarking of progress.

lucta - together with more than 100 companies of the sector - is now part of this voluntary sustainability initiative, with 17 specific commitments and focuses on five main areas:

- ensure responsible sourcing throughout the value chain;

- reduce our industries’ environmental footprint and address climate change;

- improve the well-being of employees and ensure a rewarding labor environment;

- be at the leading edge of product safety;

- be transparent and a reliable partner for society.

created in 2016, the ifra-iofi charter emphasizes the sense of responsibility and the commitment to sustainability, inspired by the united nations sustainable development goals.

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