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the feed additives division's virtual library now holds three new documents: abstract 123f from the xix aspa congress (italian journal of animal science 19:119, 2011); abstract w292 from asas/adsa 2011, a technical paper from itea 2011, and a link to a peer reviewed publication.

abstract 123f reveals that palatability-augmented feed changes the eating pattern of calves, that took more meals during the day and increased their the intake rate. this resulted finally in an increased consumption of concentrate.

abstract w292 summarises an experiment showing that soya bean meal and wheat constitute the most preferred ingredients in starter feed for calves, while corn gluten meal and corn gluten feed were the least preferred.

the aida (2011) paper reveals that preferred ingredients for starter feed for calves - such as soyabean meal - are still preferred when mixed with less preferred ingredientes, such as ddg.

the peer reviewed paper discusses the impact of flavour addition on milkreplacers and starter upon the performance of weaning calves, concluding that this strategy can help low-appetite animals to increase feed intake and body weight gain to match their counterparts.