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the feed additives division's virtual library now holds a new document - abstract w330 from the 2011 meeting of the (asas) - and two links to peer reviewed publications.

asas is the world's most renowned scientific organisation for animal nutrition and publishes two journals: and . quality research from the nutrition world is published in these two media, which operate under the peer review system.

abstract w330 summarises an experiment that shows how the intake pattern of young ruminants varies when the crude protein content in the diet changes. the study concludes that with higher protein levels, the meal frequency, duration and size changes, resulting in faster growth and efficiency without a noticeable alteration in dry matter intake.

the peer reviewed papers discuss: 1) the impact of flavour diversity in the diet upon the feeding behaviour of lambs, and 2) how the ruminant's feed preference changes as a response to a light nutritional imbalance in the diet.

the first paper (jas 89(8):2571, 2011) concludes that flavour diversity can improve feed intake and growth, due to a more homogeneous consumption in time. it also points out the flavour's influence on the short-term acceptance and preference of feed.

the second paper (jas 90(3):1015-1025, 2012) concludes that ruminants can detect the protein content in the diet and hence modulate the consumption of flavoured feed to match their nutritive requirements.