lucta – 食用香精, 日用香精, 饲料添加剂-捕鱼游戏

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活动日期: 从 01-06-2011 00:00h 至 02-06-2011 00:00h

keeping in mind the aims set out in the 2011 action plan in the flavours division design area, amadeo triviño insa travelled to lucta guangzhou in the first quarter of the year.

the visit was programmed in order to perform three very specific tasks:

- to improve and upgrade the working conditions in the sweet flavour design laboratory, granting it further independence to better respond to local projects swiftly and more reliably.

- to implement it tools in the creation and application of flavours as an essential methodology for formulating and following up marketing projects and answer to work requests in a comprehensive manner.

- to collaborate with the production team in its first phase of flavour manufacturing.