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14-03-2013 / by lucta/ 分类 :

from february 4th to 6th the first sales meeting of 2013 was held in san miguel de allende, mexico. the meeting, a follow up to the last convention held in colombia, focused on the possibilities that lucta's new products will have in the latin-american market.

the theoretical cores and their commercial applications were thoroughly discussed under the leadership of ignacio ipharraguerre and volker altenbokum. customers’ testimonials from first trials in mexico, colombia and brazil were discussed and the knowledge obtained was put into practice on a visit to a major dairy farm.

the sales team drew very positive conclusions from the meeting and will do its best to spread our vision of "sensory science for nutritional solutions".

last, we want to thank the steering committee of lucta mexicana for the excellent choice of the location and the wonderful evening we spent with the staff of the feed additives division in mexico.