lucta – 食用香精, 日用香精, 饲料添加剂-捕鱼游戏

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lucta grancolombiana is putting the finishing touches on the construction of the new warehouses for the finished product distribution centre at its plant in tocancipá, colombia.
the building has three warehouses, one for each of the commercial divisions (flavours, fragrances and feed additives), a standard set by the new regulations in force which require segregation to prevent cross contamination, and an office area for the supply and logistics departments (second floor).

the first floor also has offices for the industrial safety department which includes a new infirmary for attending to emergencies and a site for all of the brigade elements, together with a healthcare services area.

the manoeuvring yards are spacious and will enable us to manage up to four lorries simultaneously with a waiting area for the drivers equipped with basic services and toilets. the new building has a total area of
1,800 m2.

in the next issue of lucta news we hope to show interior photos of the different areas.