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on 16th october 2013 was held the 6th edition of the carles ferrer salat awards in the headquarters of the catalan trade association foment del treball nacional.

the ceremony presided over by the government’s vice-president, mrs. soraya sáenz de santamaría was attended by the catalan minister for enterprise and employment, mr. felip puig, the presidents of the ceoe, mr. joan rosell and of foment del treball, mr. joaquim gay de montellà as well as by the mayor of barcelona, mr. xavier trias.

these awards are given to those people or companies that have stood out in the business sector during the previous year in the fields of business person of the future, internationalization, environment and research and development.

on this occasion, lucta has won the award for r&d and innovation that recognizes the merit of those companies in whose development the continuous improvement of operational processes has been a direct result of proper management of knowledge and technology.

lucta has been specifically recognized for its “examplary work” in worldwide technological transfer between university and company through surveys and cooperation projects with universities and specialized research centers.

the award was collected by mr. carlos ventós, ceo of the lucta group who attended the event together with mr. josé solà, director of r&d.