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weaned piglets prefer diets with l‐lysine‐hcl independent of their lysine nutritional status

category: feed additives

date:june 2011

authors: suarez, j., tedo, g., roura, e. and torrallardona, d.

book/journal:journées de la recherche porcine 43 : 129-130


dietary protein content is being reduced in weaned piglet diets due to intestinal health and environmental reasons. therefore, the strategy is to supply these diets with appropriate synthetic amino acid supplementation to meet weaned piglet requirements. according to previous data, piglets with an adequate dietary supply of lysine (lys; 13.2 g/kg, 10 kg bw) preferred to consume high concentrations of l‐lys hcl, even when lys intake exceeded their requirements by 30%. the aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of supplying varying amounts of l‐lys hcl in the diet on feed preference of piglets differing in their lysine nutritional status. one hundred and eight piglets (12 kg bw) were fed during one week with one of three diets that differed in their lys content: 9.1 g/kg (deficient), 12.5 g/kg (adequate) or 15.9 g/kg (excessive). afterwards, piglets were offered two choices for 48h: the lys deficient diet (reference diet, 9.1 g/kg) and diets containing different amounts of l‐lys hcl (to provide 15.9, 19.3 or 22.7 g/kg of lys). all diets with added l‐lys hcl were preferred to the lys deficient diet (p<0.05). the amount of l‐lys hcl added or the lys status of the piglets did not have an effect on feed preference. we concluded that the addition of l‐lys hcl improved feed preference independently of the piglet’s lysine status.