lucta – flavors, fragrances, feed additives.-捕鱼游戏

creep feed: effects of feed flavor supplementation on pre- and post-weaning performance and behavior of piglet and sow

category: feed additives

date:june 2011

authors: yan, l. , jang, h.d. and kim, i.h.

book/journal:asian australasian association of animal production societies, 24 (6): 851 - 856


this study was conducted to evaluate the effects of flavor supplementation on pre- and post-weaning performance and behavior of piglets and sows. a total of 30 sows (landraceyorkshire) and their litters were employed in this study. sows were randomly assigned to 3 dietary treatments (10 replications per treatment). dietary treatments included: i) con, basal diet; ii) trt1, con 0.1% vanilla supplement; iii) trt2, con 0.1% cheese supplement. the behavior of sows (nursery, eating and standing) and piglets (eating, sleeping and fighting) in each treatment was monitored throughout experiment. each piglet was weighted at 5, 10, 15 and 21 d after birth to evaluate the average daily gain. sows and piglets were bled on the weaning d to evaluate the blood characteristics. back fat and estrus interval were investigated. in this study, there were no differences (p>0.05) in diarrhea score and blood characteristics among treatments. likewise, the behavior was not influenced (p>0.05) by the dietary flavor supplementation. however, administration of flavor increased (p<0.05) the pre-weaning feed intake, post-weaning average daily gain (adg) and gain/feed (g/f) ratio. no significant difference was observed (p>0.05) on the blood characteristics, behavior, backfat loss and estrus interval among treatments. in conclusion, administration of flavor could increase creep feed intake pre-weaning and piglet adg post-weaning, whereas inclusion of flavor had no influence on blood characteristics and performance in sow and piglets