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enteral bile acids modulate intestinal immune homeostasis and barrier integrity in early-weaned piglets challenged with lps

category: feed additives

date:june 2015

authors: de diego, n., menoyo, d., mereu, a., ipharraguerre, i.r.

book/journal:13th digestive physiology of pigs symposium. kliczców, 19-21st may, 2015. book of abstracts, page 87.


introduction: the aim of this study was to evaluate deoxycholic acid (dca) ability to prevent lipopolysaccharide (lps)-associated intestinal and systemic adverse effects when enterally administered to early-weaned pigs. materials and methods: twenty-four piglets were weaned at 21 d, acclimatized for 14 d, and subsequently grouped (n=8) to be intragastrically infused with either deionized water (c , c-) or 15 mg dca x kg-1 initial bw (dca) daily during 14 d. individual bw and feed intake were recorded weekly. on d 28, c and dca piglets were injected i.p. with 150 μg lps x kg-1 bw. animals were bled twice and sacrificed for organ measurement and sampling. plasma levels of glucagon-like peptide-2 (glp-2), endotoxin (edt), interleukin (il)-6, and tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-α) and ileal occludin, il-6 and il-10 gene expression was determined. results and discussion: compared with c-, lps increased plasma tnf-α (4249.7 vs. 344.7 pg/ml, p<0.01) and edt (1379.6 vs. 782.1 pg/ml, p<0.02), hepatic and intestinal weight (26.4 vs. 21.7, p<0.01 and 59.8 vs. 53.0 g/kg bw, p<0.03, respectively), and tended to decrease ileal occludin expression (0.56 fold, p<0.09) and to increase intestinal crypt depth (232 vs. 191 μm). dca prevented alterations (p>0.10) in plasma edt (1172.7 pg/ml), intestinal weight (52.9 g/kg bw), crypt depth (216 μm) and occludin expression (0.65 fold). furthermore, dca decreased (p<0.04) il-6 and il-10 expression (0.29 and 0.58 fold, respectively) and enhanced feed intake (622.4 g/day vs. 514.7 c-, 505.8 c , p<0.05). plasma glp-2 was not affected. in conclusion, dca acted locally to prevent lps-induced inflammation and intestinal barrier disruption.