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23-10-2018 / by lucta/ category :

on october 23, at a press conference at esade's madrid headquarters, hsbc and esade presented the report "exports of medium-sized and large spanish companies".

this study highlights that exports represent a great growth potential for spanish companies and in it, as a case study and example of the potential of spanish companies in terms of internationalisation, lucta appears under the title lucta, s.a., “the hidden gem".

the author of the report emphasizes that since the creation of the company, globalization has been one of its main focuses. likewise, its development over the years, adapting its products to different local markets, has demonstrated the benefits of going international.

mr. carlos ventós, ceo of the lucta group, participated in the press conference to present lucta, highlighting the relevance of export in the company, its competitive advantages, its commitment to research and differentiation and, the importance of globalization for the development of the group.