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01-09-2011 / by lucta/ category :

on 1 june the cornerstone laying ceremony took place for the construction of lucta guangzhou’s new factory, a project which lucta had previously agreed to and signed with the local government of the guangzhou economic and technological development district (getdd): a purchase agreement for 20,000 m2. the new facilities will include the production centres for flavours, fragrances and feed additives, in addition to the main building with the commercial, technical and development departments of each division and the rest of lucta guangzhou’s support departments. mr. carlos ventós, ceo, gave a speech in chinese in which he hailed the subsidiary’s track record from its very beginnings, the importance of this investment to ensure the proper development of such a strategic market for the company’s future, and expressed his gratitude to those who have made this project possible: the chinese government with its collaborators, the clients with their trust and the lucta team with its dedication.