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13-11-2012 / by lucta/ category :

during the days october 03.-05., 2012, the feed additives division did celebrate its first latin-american sales meeting in the facilities of lucta grancolombiana.

eight sales people from colombia, mexico and brazil worked for three days together with the r&d teamleader, dr. ignacio ipharraguerre and the feed additive division's director, volker altenbokum. the focus of the meeting was laid on exploring business opportunities of lucta strategic products in latin-america and on the update of our latest r&d findings.

half-day of the training was dedicated to visit a very innovative dairy farm in the bogota area where practical aspects of the application of lucta products were discussed.

our colleagues of lucta grancolombiana have proven to be excellent organizers and hosts. it was agreed within the team to hold this kind of meeting at least once a year and have it organized in turns within the participating countries.