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at the end of march, 2016 we were delighted to welcome at lucta headquarters the celebrated pastry chef jordi roca, from restaurant celler de can roca with 3 michelin stars and rated “the best restaurant in the world 2015”. jordi roca, one of the world’s best specialists in desserts and sweets, together with his r&d team of la masia, shared with our perfumers and flavourists all kinds of sensory experiences related to those topics of the world of scent and taste he is specially interested in, given that he has created the edible version of a series of acclaimed perfumes through their basic ingredients, maintaining the identity of the same. the tour in our facilities centred on the fragrance & flavour creation departments, as well as on the r&d division, generated numerous questions and comments. we greatly appreciate the interest the celler de can roca has shown in our company and we do hope it will lead to a very creative future collaboration.