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during early 2012, the service of animal nutrition and welfare of the universitat autònoma de barcelona (uab) opened the doors of its farm animal welfare education centre (fawec). this center, which operates at the school of veterinary medicine of the uab, has been founded with the ultimate aim of training and educating veterinarians and other professional in the field of animal welfare.

lucta s.a., the world leading manufacturer of sensory feed additives (, has recently joined fawec primarily to expand its research program and contribute to the training of professionals in the welfare of young animals. in particular, this collaboration aims to gain a better understanding of the impact that weaning-induced stress has on feed intake and gut health as well as its long-term consequences for animal growth and the economic bottom line.

more information on the activities and outcomes of this collaboration will be soon available at the website of fawec () or by sending a message to [email protected]