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event dates: from 29-05-2012 00:00h to 31-05-2012 00:00h

within the framework of the 12th symposium "digestive physiology in pigs", which will be held on 30.05.2012 - 01.06.2012 in keystone, co (usa), lucta has sponsored and organised the symposium pre-conference on gut chemosensing.

seven globally renowned scientists will discuss the present knowledge related to the way the gut senses nutrient and other chemicals in its lumen and send this information to the brain and rest of the body, which reacts accordingly.

the importance of gut chemosensing is evidenced by the current research efforts taken in human medicine and pharmacology to develop novel therapies to treat pathologies like short bowel disease, diabetes, or obesity. in animal species of our interest, it is likely that opportunities for developing technologies that specifically improve gut integrity or feed intake at critical times, will be identified. however, much more research is needed until such expectations can be realized, this being a major reason for lucta to organize this conference.

furthermore, dr. ignacio ipharraguerre, r&d team leader of the feed additives division, has been chosen for an oral presentation during the symposium. this reflects the importance that the science community is giving to lucta's research efforts in this field.

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