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effect of two bioactive extracts from olea europaea in broiler chickens challenged with eimeria spp vaccine

categoría: feed additives

fecha:june 2019

autores: herrero-encinas, j*., menoyo, d*., blanch, m‡., pastor, j. j‡., rochell, s. j†.

libro/revista:22nd european symposium in poultry nutrition (espn 2019) - gándsk (poland)


the present study aimed to evaluate the effect of two bioactive pomace extracts (oea and oeb) from olea europaea (lucta s. a., madrid, spain) in broiler chickens challenged with an eimeria spp vaccine. to this end, 560 1-d old male chicks (cobb 500) were randomly assigned to 7 experimental treatments (10 cages/treatment, with 8 birds/cage). treatments included a control group with birds fed a basal diet and not challenged (ncu) and 6 treatments in which birds were challenged with an oral gavage of live oocysts (coccivac®-b52) and fed either the basal diet with no additives (cc) or supplemented with 500 ppm of a coccidiostat (pcc, clinacox®), 500 or 1500 ppm of eoa (oea500c and oea1500c) or with 667 and 2000 ppm of oeb (oeb667c and oeb2000c). all animals were fed starter (1 to 14 d) and grower (15 to 28 d) diets ad libitum. performance, carotenoids plasma concentration (car) and oocysts per gram of excreta (opg) were measured. from 0 to 20 d of age, birds fed ncu treatment showed higher feed intake (p<0.05) and body weight gain (p<0.01) compared to cc, oeb667c and pcc. moreover, feed conversion ratio in ncu was numerically lower than cc treatment (1.31 vs 1.38). furthermore, performance was similar among ncu, oea500c, oea1500c and oeb2000c treatments. from 20 to 28 d of age, no significant differences (p>0.05) were observed in performance among treatments. at 20 d of age, car was higher (p<0.05) in ncu compared to cc, oeb667c and oeb2000c. in addition, pcc showed lower (p<0.001) opg at 7d compared to the other challenged treatments but higher than ncu (p<0.001). finally, opg at 14d and 21d significantly increased (p<0.001) in all challenged treatments (except pcc) compared to ncu. in conclusion, oea ameliorate negative consequences derived from a coccidian challenge.