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oro-sensorial preferences for mixtures of protein and energetic ingredients in weaned calves

categoría: feed additives

fecha:june 2011

autores: montoro,c., ipharraguerre, i.r. and bach a.

libro/revista:j. dairy sci. 94(e-suppl. 1): 614


in previous studies with weaned calves, it was determined that soybean meal (sbm) and wheat were the preferred ingredients among 6 protein and 8 energetic ingredients, respectively. on contrary, corn gluten meal (cgm) and corn gluten feed (cgf) were the least desired. the objective of this study was to determine whether these oro-sensorial preferences remain the same when ingredients are part of a mixture. a total of 6 assays involving 60 calves (62 ± 1.3 d of age) were conducted to rank calf oro-sensorial preferences for 4 mixtures at 50%: sbm-cgf, sbm-wheat, cgm-cgf and cgm-wheat. to minimize potential interferences with feed texture, all ingredients were ground at 3 mm. in each assay, 20 naive calves were offered a choice ad libitum of 2 mixtures and feed consumption was recorded during 6 h. each group of calves was used in 2 different assays, which were conducted 3 and 5 d after weaning. no calf was presented twice with the same mixture. oro-sensorial preference was calculated as a percentage of total feed consumption ((consumption of one mixture / total consumption) x100). preference data were subjected to one-sample comparison t-test using 50% as a reference value (i.e., lack of preference). the most preferred mixture was sbm-wheat. it was preferred in all assays (table 1). the cgf-cgm mixture was the least preferred in all assays. no differences were observed between sbm-cgf and cgm-wheat mixtures. results indicate that sbm and wheat are still preferred when offered as a part of a mixture. for this reason sbm and wheat could be used to improve starter acceptability by calves. on the other hand, cgf and cgm should be avoided when attempting to improve palatability of starters for calves.