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a sensory additive alters the eating behavior of dry dairy cows

categoría: feed additives

fecha:june 2014

autores: c. iglesias, f. bargo, a. mereu, i. ipharraguerre and a. bach

libro/revista:j. anim. sci vol. 92, e-suppl. 2/j. dairy sci. vol. 97, e-suppl. 1: 904


six holstein dry cows were used to evaluate the effect of a sensory additive (proefficient, lucta s.a.) on eating behavior in a complete randomized design. cows divided into 2 pens were randomly assigned to 2 treatments: control tmr or the same tmr supplemented with proefficient (pe) at a dose of 15 g/cow/d. the tmr (73:27 concentrate: forage; 14.8% cp, 47.0% ndf, 1.32 mcal nel/kg) was formulated to provide the nutrient requirements of dry cows following nrc (2001) recommendations. cows were fed ad libitum through 4 automatic feeders mounted on scales within each pen. feed consumption and feeding bouts were recorded automatically. data were analyzed with a mixed-effects model with repeated measures using the proc mixed procedure of sas (1999) with cow as a random effect and treatment, time, and their 2-way interaction as fixed effects. although dm intake was not affected (p > 0.05) by treatments (11.4 kg/d ± 0.33 se), cows receiving pe reduced (p < 0.05) the time dedicated to eat (119 vs. 149 min/d± se 7.60) whereas increased (p < 0.05) the eating rate (106.4 vs. 85.3 g/min ± 5.52 se) compared with the control cows. neither number of meals (4.3 ± 0.75 se) nor meal size (2.66 kg/meal ± 0.19 se) differed (p > 0.05) between treatments. feeding a sensory additive increased eating rate without affecting total dry matter intake of dry cows.