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sensory properties of vegetable diets affects feeding patterns in seabram (sparus aurata)

categoría: feed additives

fecha:june 2016

autores: puchol, s., rosel remírez, j.f., ipharraguerre, i.r., cerdá-reverter, j.m. and s. morais

libro/revista:international symposium on fish nutyrition and feeding, sun valley (idaho), 2016


the steady growth of aquaculture production worldwide paired with reduced availability and escalating costs of feed ingredients from wild fisheries has foster the use of alternative ingredients in fish farming. nevertheless, even if the nutritional profile covers basic requirements, there are often issues with acceptability of such feeds. this study was designed to test the effect of two feed additives, affecting the sensory properties of the diet, on the feeding pattern and consumption of a vegetable diet containing no fishmeal and only 3.8% fish oil, in seabream (sparus aurata). this experiment demonstrates an application of self-feeding systems for evaluating changes in feeding behavior linked to the sensory properties of the diet.two sensory additives were tested, one that appears to stimulate feed intake and another that potentially improves feeding efficiency of a 100% vegetable meal diet. these effects will be further evaluated in a longer lasting growth trial (currently ongoing).