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effect of functional palatability enhancers with colostrum flavors on feed intake and growth performance of weanling piglets

categoría: feed additives

fecha:june 2016

autores: li, f., wu, s., zhang, y. and he, m.l.

libro/revista:1st international conference on tropical animal science and production (tasp 2016)- july 26-29,thailand, 129-130.


this study investigated effect of supplementation of functional palatability enhancers i.e. luctarom gold with colostrum flavors to creep diet on feed intake and growth performance of weanling pigs. total 56 duroc piglets were selected from 8 liters with an average age of 7d and pre-arranged randomly to two groups (28 piglets each; n=4). they were provided with either a treatment or a control diet supplemented with or without 2 kg luctarom gold per ton from d7 and weaned on d21. the luctarom gold contained luctarom colostrum flavors, sweetener and umami. after that, during the post-weaning period the weanling piglets of each group were fed on the experimental creep diets for additional 14 days until d35. from the study, it was found that supplementation of luctarom gold to the diet increased (p=0.03) average daily gain without affecting feed conversion ratio. it increased feed intake and reduced diarrhea incident rate numerically. blood biochemical parameters were generally not affected, although blood growth hormone and ghrelin were increased whereas leptin, cck and glp-1 decreased numerically by the supplementation. in conclusion, the supplementation of luctarom gold with colostrum flavors is beneficial to piglet production through improving growth performance of weanling pigs.