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event dates: from 13-06-2017 00:00h to 15-06-2017 00:00h

this year lucta is sponsoring agrivision 2017, the multi-stakeholder feed-to-food chain conference, organised by nutreco & trouw nutrition that will take place in the netherlands from june 13 to june 15.

kofi annan will be the keynote speaker of this year’s edition.

the three day conference will focus on:

agricultural technology (agtech): new technologies play a fundamental role in the development of agriculture, not only in the productivity increase but also in sustainability.

antimicrobial resistance (amr): one of the great threats of today’s public health, derived from the abusive use of antibiotics. a drastic reduction is mandatory for the integrity of human kind.

agricultural development: the improvement of food security and nutrition and its distribution around the world is a main issue to feed the future world population.

as usual, this conference will be the meeting point of key players in the feed & food industry, so see you there!