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on june 29th was held the sixteenth meeting of the princess of girona foundation’s board of trustees. our executive officer, mr. carlos ventós, attended the meeting representing lucta, recently appointed as a new member of the board.

the fpdgi is a private foundation set up by civil society entities in girona in 2009 and backed by 88 distinguished trustees. the honorary chairman is his majesty king felipe vi of spain, on behalf of his daughter princess leonor.

the foundation’s main objective is to work for young people in all areas that are critical for their professional future.

to this end, it focuses its activity on three areas: fpdgi awards, talent rescuers and educating entrepreneurial talent.

on the following day, june 30th, we also participated in the official presentation of the talent rescuers programme that promotes employability of young people aged between 20 and 30, encouraging labour mobility among the country’s different autonomous regions and guaranteeing equal opportunities for all graduates entering the workplace. in this event, lucta was represented by mrs. patricia vázquez of our human resources department.

it is a privilege for lucta to be part of such a distinguished foundation and we celebrate being able to cooperate in all those issues within our reach and in accordance with our company’s expertise.