Best beaches you should definitely visit in Florida

Best beaches you should definitely visit in Florida

The Sunshine State is famous for its beautiful beaches. Whether you want to surf the deep blue sea, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, hunt for shells, build castles out of soft, sparkling sand, or do water sports, there is something for everyone.

The most beautiful beaches in Florida:

South Beach

South Beach, Miami is full of action like Clearwater but served to an audience of 21+. With a rich nightlife, they spend the days with sumptuous cocktails before dancing the night away at one of the legendary clubs. Also there are many activities on yachts, like parties and events. Go check for more information.

South Beach Florida

The beach is lined with palm trees and is frequented by well-groomed beach bodies who often do sports, exercise in the morning or show their perfect shape while sunbathing topless. Apart from eye candy, South Beach has some pretty Art Deco elements. The dazzling architecture even extends to the rescue station. Plenty of sport is on offer and the view of the city glowing and blooming from the beach at night is simply stunning.

Key West

For those who are more interested in solitude than cocktail parties, Key West is a peaceful oasis. The sand is soft and warm, the water is calm and sparkling. You can go scuba diving for marine life or rent a two-person glass-bottom kayak for a romantic twist boat ride.

Key Werst Florida

Worth renting a bike and exploring the secret picnic areas and private mini beaches you come across. Key West is the perfect honeymoon location and you won’t miss beautiful accommodations to choose from.

Siesta Key

The stunning white sand is 99% white quartz which not only makes it an attractive color with a magical sheen. Sand is ideal for building sandcastles, but it also retains its temperature despite the heat, which is especially welcome in summer. Surprisingly, quartz does not add roughness to the texture of the sand. In fact, it is very subtle and subtle, which makes lying down or playing a real pleasure.

siesta key florida

Cool sand, ideal conditions for sand castles, shallow waters, and careful lifeguards make it the ideal family resort. In fact, the entire area is completely equipped for families, with lots of playgrounds, rentals and family activities.


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