Early flights are less likely to get delays – true or false

Early flights

As much as we love traveling, there are a ton of hiccups that we can experience along the way. For instance, one of the worst things that we can hear about is flight delays. No one wants to stay in an airport longer than they should. That is why it is essential to try booking your flights strategically to avoid experiencing flight delays. To help you learn more about avoiding flight delays, here is some useful information that could benefit you.

Getting the compensation that you deserve

Before we hop on all the facts about getting flights that have fewer delays, you have to be aware that delays can happen a lot. Sometimes your flight not be canceled, but you would not have any luggage because the airline lost it or it got damaged. A lot of times if your luggage gets damaged, the airline will not provide you with enough money to fully reimburse you or they will not offer compensation for delayed/canceled flights. When this happens, you need to acquire the services of websites like www.airclaim.com. They fight for you to get the compensation that you deserve and help you potentially get more money to make up for the time that you wasted.

Do early flights get fewer delays?

Studies show that flights tend to have fewer delays when you book them early in the morning – and we are talking early in the morning. While we all love a good night’s sleep so we can enjoy leisurely travel, but booking your flight early in the morning could be the best decision that you make. Early morning flights experience a lot fewer delays compared to flights in the afternoon and light. However, what times precisely in the morning are the best to book a flight?

When we said early, we were not joking because it is best to get a flight that departs before 8 am. Fewer people tend to be in the airport and get flights at these hours. Flights at these hours are also less prone to turbulence because a lot of thunderstorms typically occur in the afternoon.  Airspace usually is not crowded in the early hours of the morning as well compared to the afternoon and night, which is when air traffic controls start to delay flights. 

You can search for the airline that you are planning to book a flight to find out when their peak hours are because not all airports will have the same times. For instance, one airport might be full of people from 11 am to 7 pm whereas another would be full from 9 am to 5 pm; however, a good rule of thumb is to book a flight before 8 am. Another great bonus that you can get is that these early flights tend to be a lot cheaper because fewer people book flights at those hours.

While flight delays are never guaranteed and you never know when it could happen, you can do your best to avoid them. By trying to book your flight strategically, you heighten your chances of experiencing fewer flight delays.

Source: meteo